Sun SPARCclassic X (4/10)

This machine is basically identical to the SPARCclassic but was shipped without a hard drive or floppy drive and has a different badge and sticker on the bottom. The mainboards and chassis are otherwise identical.

There are some bits in the NVRAM that when flipped make this machine report as a SPARCclassic X. These machines were originally designed to netboot special X terminal software over the network. I haven’t been able to locate any version of that original software, so I’m resorting to netbooting Solaris 2.3 on it in the meantime.


  • 50MHz TI TMS390S10 microSPARC (SPARC V8)
  • 72MB (4x16MB, 2x4MB) 72-pin parity RAM
  • On-board cg3 framebuffer
  • Sun Fast-SCSI/10BASE-T SBus card
  • OpenBoot PROM v2.12