Retrocomputer Inventory

I like 1990s UNIX workstations.

Sun Microsystems

Silicon Graphics

Miscellaneous accessories and parts

Hardware I’m looking for

  • Sun SPARCstation 1, 2, 10
  • Sun SPARCstation IPC, IPX
  • Sun SPARCstation Voyager
  • ROSS HyperSPARC dual-CPU MBUS cards for SPARCstation 20
  • SGI O2 R10k/R12k
  • SGI Indigo2 Extreme graphics boardset
  • SGI Indigo2 IMPACT R10000
  • Plastic feet for Indigo2 (teal)
  • SGI Octane EMXI/MXE graphics boards and TMEZZ TRAM boards
  • SGI Octane dual CPUs and RAM
  • SGI O2 Cam (Moosecam)
  • SGI granite mice and keyboards

Last Updated: 2017-08-26