In Progress

This page is intended to list out the things I have in the pipeline to either refurbish or repair, or software-related projects that don’t really involve writing code (those would probably be more appropriate in github repos listed on the projects page)

Sun 411 CD-ROM refurbish

  • This cdrom unit is very yellowed so it doesn’t look right next to the rest of my equipment. Will need to retr0brite it.
  • I also acquired a Plextor 40x CD-ROM to drop in place of the slow 2x Sony drive that shipped with this drive. The front panel also needs a retr0brite treatment and probably some gear lubrication.

SPARCstation LX retr0brite

  • The LX is a bit yellow and splotchy compared to its lunchbox brothers.

SunOS 4.x netboot

  • Haven’t had luck getting SunOS 4.x to boot over the network, it locks up during the boot process while trying to mount NFS. Might be necessary to use a BSD-based OS as the bootserver (instead of Solaris x86)

NetBSD netboot

  • I can boot most of my Sun hardware into various versions of Solaris but have not yet had luck getting any version of NetBSD to successfully boot diskless. This will be important to get any use at all out of the JavaStation-1 I recently won on eBay.